Main Sectors

  • Utility software – market systems, operational systems. This work has taken MGA into the US developing application in areas such as asset management and market systems;
  • Legal Reporting – Financial reporting, including focused reporting systems targeting specialist areas, like forecast utilitisation;
  • Data replication of core systems for development of systems that require high availability or, “failover and failback” functionality;
  • Financial reporting, from increasing the reporting capability to multi-sourced reporting and data handling in a data warehouse, MGA can engineer a solution; and
  • Architectural reviews that can minimise risk by determining whether your current architecture is suitably robust and scalable to meet your firm’s growth and stability requirements.

Technical Areas

The Oracle Development Area includes:

  • Oracle Forms and Reports development that have high relevance in the current Oracle market place;
  • A very experienced team with PL/SQL expertise that ensures optimal performance and stability is delivered;
  • Oracle 9iAS development with J2EE standards, Oracle 9iAS, Forms 6/6i/9i. This includes development standards and project management;
  • Other areas of development include:
    • SQLServer, MSAccess development and support;
    • Open Source developments using Apache/Tomcat, MYSQL; and
    • Systems integration using tools such as Pervasive Softwares Data Junction and custom built solutions.

Front End

Technologies that are typically developed include:

  • Delphi
  • ASP, JSP and PHP
  • JavaScript and VBScript
  • XML

The selection of front end technology is based upon the client’s development strategy, existing environment and skills base. MGA maintains in-house graphic design capabilities to ensure the application’s appearance is a ‘cut above the rest’.

Software Testing

Load and Stress Testing Methodology

Tools used by MGA including our own MGA EagleEye (monitoring and performance tuning software), MGA Duplica (data replication software) and Open Source options like OpenSTA and internally developed MGA tools providing online issue management, forums and project management.


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